About Me

-David H. Hepburn

Lakisha Bouchereau

The Brooklynn-born, Miami-raised Haitian American gal with a knack for creativity and a deeply rooted passion for working with her hands began her journey into fashion and design in her early 20s after she was gifted her very first sewing machine –a practical present that unbeknownst to her, would be the birth and development of a natural, creative talent she had not yet realized existed within her. Her natural curiosity and passion for design led her to the careful examination of pieces of clothing in order to better understand the different construction patterns and eventually recreate and utilize them in the making of new, unique pieces.

Lakisha’s presence in the fashion world, albeit recent, has left a definitive footprint in every project she has partaken; including, but not limited to, her post high school internship with designer Malcolm Harris in New York City as an assistant, and her freelance wardrobe styling/seamstress works for music video shoots under the mentorship of wardrobe stylist Calyann Barnett.

After relocating back to Miami, Florida in 2009, Lakisha began working on her biggest project to date: the creation of her very own, original clothing line focusing on the creation of unique –yet au courant pieces. A process that could not have been possible without trial and error and experimentation with a plethora of design methods. 

Go ahead, take a look around, and let yourself fall in love with the creative process that is the essence of LaBou.